Supporting Your Local Funeral Home In Celebrating Every Life.

At Crescent, our mission is to help each and every family find peace and celebrate a life well lived. We do this by manufacturing and then providing high quality products and services through your local Funeral Home. Funeral homes across the USA and world depend on Crescent to help families celebrate and honor the life lived by their loved ones.

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Crescent Caskets
When a family chooses cremation, they may still want to have a viewing for their loved one. This opportunity is available with Crescent's full line of Cremation Caskets and Alternative Containers. By choosing one of these lines, the family can still experience a traditional viewing but also have the benefits of cremation.

Alternative Containers

The Canton Alternative Container has white crepe interiors which makes it ideal for a family viewing. A pillow is included and the dimensions are 26” W x 80” L x 13.25” H. The weight is 23 lbs. and the weight cap is 300 lbs. Available with* or without handles.
Patent #8,356,392

The Madison Alternative Container has a white crepe interior which makes it ideal for family viewing. The dimensions are: 26” W x 80” L x 13.25” H Weight: 23 lbs. Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
Patent #8,356,392


Infant Caskets

The Infant Casket Collection includes: the beautiful 20 Gauge Steel Classic White Infant Casket with Gold Accents, the High Impact Casket/Vault combo with a reversible pink or blue interior with wooden handles and brass accents, and finally the Cloth-Covered Wood Casket with a white crepe interior.


Youth Caskets

The Casket/Vault Combo is a high quality casket/vault combination at an unbelievable price. It features a solid wood handle with brass accents. Includes a White or Reversible blue or pink interior and butyl sealer for a permanent seal. Interior Dimensions: 9.25" W x 23.25" L x 10.5" D.