Supporting Your Local Funeral Home In Celebrating Every Life.

At Crescent, our mission is to help each and every family find peace and celebrate a life well lived. We do this by manufacturing and then providing high quality products and services through your local Funeral Home. Funeral homes across the USA and world depend on Crescent to help families celebrate and honor the life lived by their loved ones.

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Crescent Cultured Marble Urns


Crescent Marble

The Crescent Marble Urn is a beautiful cultured marble urn, carefully handcrafted by Crescent at our facility in Tupelo, Mississippi. It is available engraved with stock images or custom engravings and is available in many different beautiful colors. The outer dimensions are 11.3” W x 7.9” D x 7.2”H and it holds up to 230 C.I.


Crescent Marble Companion

The Crescent Marble Companion is also handcrafted by Crescent and has two compartments, each holding up to 200 C.I. It is available in Black, White, Navy, Green, Blue or Purple. The outer dimensions are 15” W x 8” D x 7” H. Similar to the standard size, it can also be engraved with a stock image or a custom engraving.


Crescent Marble Keepsake

Finally, there are also beautiful Crescent Marble Keepsakes available which hold up to 1 C.I. The outer dimensions are 3.5” W x 2.5” D x 2.5” H. These can also be engraved with stock or custom engravings and are available in White, Rose, Black, Green, Blue, Red, Purple and Navy.