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Standing Forever Heart

Product Details

The unique Standing Forever Heart is a stunning piece that exquisitely memorializes your loved one in your home. Made in the USA by specially trained glass artists, Crescent Art Glass is the most artistic and beautiful cremation glass art today. Our special process utilizes a unique method to combine cremated remains with glass. This creates a stunning, hand-made, solid glass work of art that is as unique as the loved one it memorializes. Indeed, each piece is one of a kind - no two are ever the same.
Each Art Glass keepsake is handmade and therefore unique. The Artist uses different blends of colors based on the choice of Dimensions, Infinity, Earth & Sky or New Dawn; however, since each piece is a unique and hand-crafted work of art combining a loved one's cremains, the overall look and color variations may vary.
Nothing is more precious than your memories of cherished loved ones. Why not memorialize them in the most beautiful and artistic way with Crescent Art Glass? By putting a very small amount of cremains into Art Glass you and your family can keep your loved one’s cherished memories forever in your heart and forever in your home.
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Experience the Difference
Illuminate the exquisite Crescent Art Glass piece by adding a lighted base to accentuate each facet of color beautifully in any environment.
Product Name

Standing Forever Heart

Stock Number 96-015 New Dawn
Product Outer
2.75" Wide
Amount Of Cremains Nominal C.I.
Product Material Glass
Product Color(s) Multicolored
Made In USA Yes